10 Minute Peach Mango Salsa

step-by-step recipe

What makes this salsa the best?

Made using fresh mango, peach, jalapeños, and other classic salsa ingredients, this easy Peach Mango Salsa recipe is so flavorful!

Salsa Ingredients

– mango finely diced – peach finely diced – Roma tomato finely diced – jalapeno – red onion  – cilantro finely  – lime juice – salt – pepper

Step 1

Chop mango, peach, jalapeno,  red onion, and tomato into dice. Finely chop cilantro.

Step 2

Add to a bowl with lime juice, salt, and pepper, and mix until thoroughly combined.

Step 3

Serve and enjoy!

What to use with salsa?

Use salsa with: - Grilled chicken - Tacos - Chips - Salad - Quesadillas 


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