Best Roasted Tomatoes for Sauce

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Juicy tomatoes skillet-roasted in olive oil make a perfect base for homemade tomato sauce!

You will need...

Cherry tomatoes  Coarse ground pepper  Coarse salt  Granulated garlic  Olive oil


It's so easy!

Ready in under 15 minutes using simple ingredients!

Flour Bowl

Drizzle olive oil over tomatoes on the stem. Lightly rub the oil into the tomatoes so they are all evenly covered.


Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic. Season one tomato at a time to evenly distribute. 


Oil a skillet (cast iron works best) and heat to medium-low heat. Add the tomatoes once hot.


Cover and cook for 10 minutes. Do not flip or move the tomatoes while they roast. 


Remove from the heat, serve or use in roasted tomatoes sauce, and enjoy!


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